In-kind gifts are contributions of goods or services, other than cash contributions. 

Your In-Kind gift can have a tremendous positive impact on Living Jazz.

Living Jazz relies on in-kind gifts for many of our fundraising efforts. For example, when holding important fundraising events, we reach out to our community for donations of goods or services when organizing auctions or raffles, beverage companies for donations of wine, beer or sparkling water and supply companies for donations of decorations, etc.

Examples of in-kind gifts:


  • Office Equipment (computers, software, printers etc.)
  • Special Event Items (wine, beverages, food, decor)
  • Instruments/PA


  • Event space
  • Advertising/Promotion


  • Legal
  • Sound Technicians for special events
  • Entertainment for charitable Living Jazz functions
  • tax, or business advice; and strategic planning

When making an In-Kind gift, you will receive a receipt with the description and value of your gift for tax purposes.

Thank-you in Advance!