• Loved every minute of it. Definitely coming back next year. I have found a new tribe!
    — Letitia Burton

  • It was amazing! Possibly the best musical/social experience of my life.
    — Erik Deutch

  • Loved every minute of it. Definitely coming back next year. I have found a new tribe!
    — Letitia Burton

  • It was amazing! Possibly the best musical/social experience of my life.
    — Erik Deutch

Testimonials and Reviews

Super fun and wish it was longer.” – Rebecca Szalay


“Amazing! Inclusive, open, encouraging, loving, supportive, transformative.” – Parent


“Micah really enjoyed Jam Camp. She basically said that she's "found her people". Thank you! And thanks to all of the teachers who successfully create a space that is welcoming and affirming for so many kids.” – Parent of Micah Heller


“I LOVE that there is a camp for our children to attend where they feel they matter. DJ couldn't stop taking about attending next year and how much he enjoyed the campers, counselors and camping.” –Parent of DJ Linear


“Thank you so much Living Jazz for three life-changing years. I cannot express in words how much this camp has lifted me through the hard points of my life and how it has highlighted my summers. If there is any way I can help, I will gladly volunteer additional input, time, and help in order to share with the future youth what I experienced.” – Koby Lieu, camper


“I feel like I'm the person I want to be when I'm at Jam Camp unplugged and in nature. All the teachers I had made learning really fun and really gave me a new perspective on what they were teaching.” – Liris, camper


“Amazing, as always. We were especially glad to have the advanced instrumental ensemble added this year. Our daughter has been SO lucky to work with these incredible musicians.
According to our daughter, all of the ensemble teachers were inspirational, supportive, encouraging, and fun. Working with them gave her new confidence to take risks in performing.” – Parent of Nora Hylton


“It was heaven for Sydney. She can't stop talking about it. Sydney spent the entire evening last night trying to convince her uncle to go to the adult camp and showing him pictures on Jam Camp West's Facebook page. I donated last week and requested a corporate 1:1 match. What you and your organization are doing is truly magical! Your work will affect these kids for a lifetime. I'm so grateful that we found your camp.” – Parent of Sydney Martin


They absolutely love it! This is not their first time at Jam Camp...definitely "repeat customers". – Parent of Martin and Sofia Schuler


“I was brought to tears to see my very introverted daughter become and extrovert. She had a wonderful time and if schedule permits she will be back next year, THANK YOU so much for your amazing camp!!” – Parent of Ashley Duffield


“The whole experience was so magical for both Ryder and I! The camp site, counselors, faculty, and staff were all incredible. I can't wait to see you next year!” – Meg Hayden, parent

“Thank You Jam Camp for providing my daughter with a scholarship. Without it she wouldn’t have been able to attend. I can truly say she had an amazing time.” — Parent

Best camp ever! Can’t wait for next year! — Avalon, age 12


“I thought this to be the best of the best. Wonderful was the music, the dance and the attendance. I felt my child had grown noticeably over those six days. Thank You!” — Parent

“The boys form such close knit bonds, it's remarkable to see. He loves returning to see buddies. The energy and vibe at Jam Camp are truly amazing.” – Parent

This was my first music camp and I loved it and it made me feel really good inside. — Iniko, age 10

“My son loved Jam Camp his first year and couldn’t wait to come back again this past summer. I liked the fact that there were so many different classes offered…. I love the mix of music with other activities and the setting. The counselors and teachers were tremendous.” — Parent

I love it there! It helped me so much with my voice and taught me a lot. It was also a really fun experience. The whole crowd was so supportive and everyone was nice and fun to be around.
Jewel, age 10

“My daughter had a phenomenal time! This was her first sleep away camp experience and she felt safe and confident. Also, she was able to try many things musically that she has never done before, namely beat lab, hip hop, and learning DJ equipment and scratching.” — Parent

“My child didn’t want to have to leave- ever! I quote, “Mom I have found my people.” — Parent

“This camp has exposed her to a far more diverse and rich musical culture than she would experience at another, more traditional, music camp. She is learning the roots and music traditions of uniquely American forms of music like jazz, R & B, hip-hop, etc. that most kids are not exposed to in a typical band, orchestra, or rock-oriented camp. She comes home re-inspired each year—music truly is the universal language!” — Parent