Jam Camp West

"Magical. Truly an amazing experience for aspiring artists.  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this magical experience, I hope to see Jam Camp provide the same experience for others as it did for me (seeing that this past year was my last year). Thank you Living Jazz, for through talented staff and incredible counselors, changing my life." – Michael Webster, age 14


"When advertisements for other camps say that they will create lifetime memories, it is often just marketing. Jam Camp West really provides memories and life changing experiences and truly does "transform lives through music." Not only have I remembered nearly every second of my experience at camp, but I have also found a goal to build up to through the year. Overall, Jam Camp is truly an experience I wait the whole year to go to."  – Koby Lieu, age 15


"I felt free and happy when I was at Jam Camp. It was a great experience, and I got to meet a lot of very talented and friendly people. Definitely coming back next year!" – Simren Bhatt, age 13


“Best camp ever! Can’t wait for next year! ” — Avalon, age 12


Jazz Camp West

"Just the most amazing experience of a lifetime! I'm still waking up! It was so natural - the dirt - the trees! The people! I loved hearing music all day and all night long and most of all - I love the tools that I walked away with and the memories and pictures! Can't we do this all summer?"  – Kappe Rouseeau

“I just want to extend my personal gratitude for everything you have done for the Living Jazz community, and for me personally over the years. Living Jazz has made a huge difference in my life. It has become a community full of friends that I love dearly, and your programs have played a huge part in the development of my love for music and jazz.” — Jacob Shandling, Jazz Camp West participant


"The one week experience was way beyond what I expected. The instructors were excellent, and the faculty concerts were, in my opinion, world-class performances. I was blown away by the musicianship and the beautiful sounding music." – Eric Hoyer


"An all-encompassing experience. To be fed, taught, nurtured, entertained with jazz for a whole week, was amazingly satisfying! Appreciated the mix of generations, diverse participants." – Lu Marla Dea


"Jazz Camp has been among the most important experiences of my life. I find it absolutely beyond belief that you pull this miracle off each & every summer. Please please please invite me back for 2016. Please! – Raz Kennedy, Faculty


"I really enjoyed this experience, probably the best experience of my life and a huge opportunity for me to expand my jazz repertoire, learn more about jazz and meet people similar to me-. This will make a lasting impact on my musical career. Thanks so much also for the scholarship that I received from you guys!" – Aaron Bierman

“This camp has exposed her to a far more diverse and rich musical culture than she would experience at another, more traditional, music camp. She is learning the roots and music traditions of uniquely American forms of music like jazz, R & B, hip-hop, etc. that most kids are not exposed to in a typical band, orchestra, or rock-oriented camp. She comes home re-inspired each year—music truly is the universal language!” — Parent


Jazz Search West

"Love it! A wonderful, encouraging, exciting experience."

"A great competition! Some astounding and supportive judges, great venues, a wonderful turnout, and awesome exposure for emerging artists. You guys achieved what you set out to do!"


"I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to overcome stage fright, performance anxiety or general shyness. Exposure is key."


Living Jazz Children's Project

"When I was singing the songs it made me feel happy it made me feel nervous and it made me feel like it was a dream that I was singing on a stage with over five hundred people watching me sing. When I did the LivingJazz Children’s Project it was like one of the best days that I ever had in my entire life." – Sean Ekwage, 3rd grade


"I learned about peace and love even harmony. My favorite song was “Just Like Dr. King” because I like the tone and the beat. The most important thing was learning peace. Thank you for teaching us to sing more and helping us." – Arianna Cortez, 3rd grade


"The songs really got me on to my rithm (rhythm). I can always remember those songs that we sang with the LJCP. My favorite song was In the Name of Love. When I sang those songs I felt relacst (relaxed).  The music was great, because it really stood out. The most important thing that I learned is that everybody is equal." – Nathaniel Johnson, 3rd grade


"Thank you for using your time to share your music with us. I learned to do all of the music from West Africa, Puerto Rico, and the United States. My favorite instruments were the bells and our bodies. Mr. Javier was a great teacher because he knows what to do and when to do it.  We were all working together as a team, and if someone messed up, you couldn’t hear it because everyone was playing. And that’s good!" – Eliana Henderson, grade 3


"I learned so much about music.. I learned the call and response songs, I learned patterns of the drums, and I learned body percussion. I loved being able to use your hands for music patterns and I like doing the instrument patterns. I think my favorite instrument was the bells because I really liked how the sound matched the pattern so well. Mr. Javier was always so encouraging and made sure everybody knew the pattern before moving on. It was a good feeling to be working together and making sure everything sounded right.   I hope I get to work with this music teacher again." – Nola, grade 3