Living Jazz has awarded over 2000 scholarship for the under-served, under-represented and disadvantaged members of our communities. By joining our support network your organization will:

  1. .Provide Unique Access to the Arts

    When students are awarded an educational scholarship they are exposed to the creative arts which is a profound and necessary component of each students education and development. Living Jazz provides this exposure, along with education of how music is a positive vehicle for social and cultural pride. Giving families access to music educational opportunity will only reward us as a community, and provides individuals the opportunitythrive.

  2. Tax credit

    When individuals or corporations make a redirected tax payment to a tax credit scholarship fund, they may receive up to a 100 percent tax credit for every dollar they redirect.

  3. Personal satisfaction

    Of course many will say that helping those in need “is the right thing to do,” but there’s more to it than that. A 2008 study to examine if there is a direct connection between one’s financial and emotional wealth, conducted at the Harvard Business School by Professor Michael Norton and his colleagues, “showed that those who reported spending more on others, what the team called ‘prosocial’ spending, also reported a greater level of happiness, while how much they spent on themselves had no impact on happiness.” That’s right, spending money on someone else can make you even happier than spending it on yourself!

As you can see, there are many reasons to redirect your tax payments to a Living Jazz scholarship fund. Everyone has different causes that are near and dear to their heart, but your participation has many benefits that go far beyond your initial contribution. Living Jazz believes that our programs instill confidence, responsibility and ambition in children; motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to reach their personal and creative potential; and unite diverse communities through their shared love of jazz and related genres.

Find out how you can contribute to change the future of someone in need through your redirected tax payment.