Living Jazz Financials CY 2018

As with all non-profits, the revenue of Living Jazz comes from a variety of sources including individual contributions, estate gifts, grants, registrations, ticket sales, auction and raffle programs, and concessions.

Living Jazz is a program driven organization and currently produces 6 different programs designed to reach diverse audiences in terms of age, economic backgrounds and cultural diversity. Each program helps Living Jazz effectively reach its mission of Transforming Lives Through Music.

The revenue brought in from each program supports direct program related expenses as well as the general operations of Living Jazz. In some cases, a program is also designed to support the work of another program. For example, the Annual Martin Luther King Tribute serves as a fundraiser for the Living Jazz Children’s Project. In addition, a donation ask at Jazz Search West brings in much needed revenue for scholarships for our youth program, Jam Camp West. Our largest program Jazz Camp West, helps to support scholarships for 25% of its participants, as well as provides necessary revenue for other operational costs of Living Jazz.

Contributed income is a critical component of the revenue of Living Jazz.

We encourage our community to consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Living Jazz at These contributions allow us to serve a broad segment of our community and enable us to Transform Lives Through Music.

Living Jazz Revenue ($894,446)

Living Jazz Expenses ($894,446)

Breakdown of Revenue ($894,446)

Jazz Camp West ($354,275)

MLK Tribute ($92,874)

*Individual contributions raised are reflected in the Living Jazz Children's Project.

Jam Camp West ($109,330)

Living Jazz Children's Project ($53,803)

Fundraiser ($104,293)

Jazz Search West ($33,659)

*Individual contributions raised are reflected in the Jam Camp West Program.

House Concerts ($4,357.50)

Living Jazz ($14,1854.50)