Jazz Search West 2019 – Celebrating 10 Years!

Contestants, please read through all of the information provided below. 

Once you enroll, you will receive an email with confirmation of your date and venue and all event details. You will be notified of the performance order when you arrive the night of the event. Note: Living Jazz reserves the right to determine performance order in order to provide the audience with a varied showcase.

Remember space is limited. Early enrollment highly recommended!

Note: Performer slots sell out. By the 3rd week, we usually have a wait list which unfortunately means we cannot take everyone that is interested in participating (especially if they wait to sign up after the first 2 weeks.) In order to accommodate as many performers as possible, we strongly encourage performers to sign up for the 1st date on Thursday Feb. 28th.

You can only enroll for one preliminary date. If you are interested in performing again, please call our office at 510-858-5313 and your name will be added to a wait list for the specific date you are interested in. You must show up on that date, and if there are still slots available at the start of the event, we will take additional performers according to the wait list order.

All entries will be processed in the order they are received. For more information or to enroll over the phone please call the Living Jazz office at 510-858-5313 or email page@livingjazz.org.



*Jazz Search West is designed for emerging, developing talent hoping to gain exposure, performance opportunities, professional feedback and other valuable opportunities. Jazz Search West is not designed for professional performers who are currently making their living as a musician or vocalist. Feel free to call Living Jazz at 510-858-5313 for questions or more info. 

Please note: Previous Jazz Search West top 4 prize winners are not eligible to enroll in future competitions.

Cancellation or change of date policy: We must receive 7 days notice for cancellations in order to refund your money. There will be no refunds for no-shows. If you are interested in changing the date you are performing, we must receive 7 days notice for a possible date change. We will NOT accommodate change of dates if the request is received within 7 days.