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    The mission of Living Jazz is to:

    Empower Children and Adults,
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    Unite Diverse Communities.

    Since 1984, Living Jazz has designed and launched a unique brand of music education and performance programs that:

    Instills confidence, responsibility and ambition in children

    Motivates people of all ages and backgrounds to reach their personal and creative potential

    Unites diverse communities through their shared love of jazz and related genres

    Thank you for joining us in our adventures of music, education, joy and life! Please be sure to come visit us often and get the latest updates on the 5 programs Living Jazz currently produces.

Jazz Camp West Moments and Memories – 30 years!

We celebrated our 30th Anniversary of Jazz Camp West!


Having produced this program each of those 30 years, I can safely say this truly felt like a tremendous milestone. Our 30th season of camp had all of the beauty, awe, inspiration and magic that a 30th celebration should have. It was absolutely incredible.

We had 315 people on site this year, several coming from far away places like Japan, Germany, England, Mexico, and Costa Rica. All 315 people landed together in the midst of the stunning redwood forest ready for something special to happen…. Well, something special did happen.

Some of the most talented and seasoned names in jazz, mixed soulfully together with folks from all walk of life, like a spicy Thai Coconut soup that deliciously enters the mouth with punch and flavor, swirls around with zest and tang, and goes down smoothly leaving you anticipating the next bite.

Madeline Eastman, our fearless Artistic Director, never fails to delight us with a who’s who list of 45-all-star faculty. This year the diversity, breath of styles, talent, and down right wonderful people was such a gift.

After the fist day of camp, when we all try and settle into the idea of what is about to happen, we embark on an 8-day exquisitely creative, soulful, and inspiring week of music and dance amid the splendid canopy of ancient growth redwoods. Folks participated in over 120 classes each day, with fantastic student performances each afternoon, knock your socks off faculty concerts each evening under the stars, and late night jam sessions, socializing and friendship building on into the wee hours.

This is definitely the most fun, rewarding and soul provoking week of my year. If you have never attended Jazz Camp West, I suggest you add it to your yearly calendar.

Stacey Hoffman
Executive Director


JUNE 21-28, 2014

All Photography by Rosaura Sandoval Photography.


JUNE 21-28, 2014

Living Jazz Celebrates 30 years! Reflections by Stacey Hoffman, Executive Director

Living Jazz Celebrates 30 years!!!

Reflections by Stacey Hoffman, Executive Director

Quickly approaching my 60th Bday this October and in the midst of my 30th year as the ED for Living Jazz, I have had plenty of time to reflect on what this journey and life’s pursuit has been about.

When I was 28, I naively raised my hand in a community meeting in Berkeley, gathered to discuss a faltering summer music camp that was facing extinction. That very same year, after working throughout my 20′s as a professional artist, I had enrolled in a Master’s program to receive a degree in Clinical Psychology.

Now 30 years later, I can only say that I feel exactly as I did then- excited and committed to the arts- understanding more and more, how the arts bring meaning and passion to people’s lives.

All I was conscious of in that living room that day in 1984, was that Jazz Camp West was worth trying to save and if no one else had time, I would try and be a part of an effort to save it.

Since then, I began a life’s journey designing, launching and producing programs that I know have influenced thousands of people’s lives in positive ways. Among those have been Jazz Camp West, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Oakland Jazz Choir, Fall and Spring Music Series, Rhythm Voice, Jazz Camp Weekend, Oakland Children”s Community Choir, The Annual MLK Musical Tribute, Jam Camp West and Jazz Search West (conceived of by Kyle Blase).

When you begin a journey, you never know what will happen along the way, or where your passion will lead you.

I have also worked as a psychotherapist in private practice all these years, and have raised 2 boys who are now 16 and 19. This other significant part of my life continues to inform my efforts in the arts. My desire to understand and help people, and my attempt to be a good mom, remain significant factors in my dedication to Living Jazz and my desire to leave a legacy for this organization.

Over the next 30 years, I truly hope that Living Jazz will continue to experience ongoing growth, support and development. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

SIGN UP for LIVING JAZZ’s music summer camps:

Adults & Teens 15 and up:  JAZZ Camp West, June 22 – 29, 2013

Ages 10 – 15:  JAM Camp West, July 20 – 26 2013

Jovino’s Fundraiser = AWESOME

Thank you to everyone who made the fundraiser for Living Jazz JAM Camp West so successful.  We had a fantastic concert and we appreciate everyone’s generosity to help fund scholarships for underprivileged children who want to attend JAM Camp West.

A huge THANK YOU to Tom Gregory who organized the event, Jim Callahan who hosted the event at Piedmont Piano and of course the biggest THANK YOU’s go to the wonderful musicians:  Jovino Santos Neto (pianist, composer and so much more), Peter Barshay (bass), Phil Thompson (drums), Kellye Gray (vocals), Rebecca Kleinmann (flute), Harvey Wainapel (woodwind player), Ami Molinelli (percussion) and Michael Golds (vibes).

For those who would like to relive the concert, this Sunday 5/12/13, KCSM 91.1 will be broadcasting a live recording of the concert for the show “In The Moment” with Jim Bennett starting at 8pm.  Don’t miss out!

SIGN UP for LIVING JAZZ’s music summer camps:

Adults & Teens 15 and up:  JAZZ Camp West, June 22 – 29, 2013

Ages 10 – 15:  JAM Camp West, July 20 – 26 2013

What is Jazz Camp West?

It is that time of the year again, just 7 short weeks until our beloved Jazz Camp West!  This year will be even more special as we will be celebrating 30 years, yes 30 years of Jazz Camp West!!!!!!

We are incredibly proud that we have reached this milestone in our Jazz Camp West  journey and will be celebrating all throughout the week with outstanding concerts, dance extravaganza’s, profound music, and downright fun.

If you are on the fence about whether to sign up for the 30th anniversary season of Jazz Camp West, jump on down and join us this summer of an incredible celebration of music and magic.  Tons of time to join in the best week of the year!

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JUNE 22 – JUNE 29, 2013

45 All-Star Faculty!
Music • Vocals • Dance
Adults and Teens 15 and up • All Levels Welcome

Check out these videos that try to answer “What is Jazz Camp West” – Enjoy!

Celebrating our 30th year!

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Fundraiser: An Evening with Jovino & Friends

Come join us for an exciting evening of music, food, wine and high spirits. This is a very special musical event featuring 3-time Latin Grammy nominee:

Jovino Santos Neto

All proceeds raised during this event will go towards scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Living Jazz’s Jam Camp West program. This program is open to 10 – 15 year old children interested in music, held every July in the Santa Cruz mountains near La Honda, California.

Come early and enjoy free wine and food and mingle among the pianos. There will even be door prizes!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 8pm

Piedmont Piano Company, Oakland

$45 – To reserve tickets with your credit card, please call (510) 547-8188

For additional information:



SIGN UP for LIVING JAZZ’s music summer camps:

Adults & Teens 15 and up:  JAZZ Camp West, June 22 – 29, 2013

Ages 10 – 15:  JAM Camp West, July 20 – 26 2013